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 Dear Bert , Thanks for helping me with some info on your "Monsoon" Hootch.
For my model club I built that as well as a pilot hootch and the original Takhli Officer's club.
It's part of a diorama commemorating the USAF's air war in SEA, where I also feature some building from the Bien Hoa air base in South Vietnam.
I had to simplify the slats a bit, but otherwise, it's as close as I can get it without blue prints. My model club is celebrating 70 years of the USAF
and my part is the Vietnam Era. I also have a Hangar and some revetments. Thanks again for helping me with my questions as well with posting
the cool photos that inspired me so much. Kind regards, Alex Germany

F-111A 67-077  

The American Forces Thailand Network          See Clifton Burger's Takhli Photos here
Tim Wheeler 1973
Property Ray Cadd Tim Wheeler
Property Ray Cadd Property Ray Cadd Property Ray Cadd Property Ray Cadd Property Ray Cadd Property Ray Cadd Property Ray Cadd
Property Ray Cadd Property Ray Cadd    

F-105 Fighter Bombers at Takhli RTAFB, Thailand - Jerry Jones

Gary Schuld USAF 1970-1974
My name is Gary Schuld from Cleveland, Ohio. I too served in Takhli RTAFB, Thailand in 1973, on 179 day TDY from Clark AFB , Philippines.
I was there during the Cambodia bombing campaign supporting this mission of the F-111 Roadrunners as an A-57150 Fire Protection Specialist/Airborne firefighter - HH43-B (Pedro). I was there for the last bombing mission over Cambodia, as we all received a black and white copy of the photo showing the aircraft pilot and crew chief. Do you remember the fully loaded F-111 with either 24 M-82's or 84's took crashed on takeoff?
That was a hairy night. My favorite photo is that taken on the helicopter pad, looking out the window of Pedro at the side view of the Fire Department. Not sure how, but I would love to be able to obtain a copy of that picture if possible. Pedro only remained in service for a short while before being deactivated and all airborne fighters were returned back to the crash station.

With that said I have been fighting peripherial neuropathy and a large left upper thigh tumor which I believe were a result from Agent Orange exposure while stationed at Takhli. I have been working with a VSO in filing a claim with the VA. My representative stated pictures would help with my claim. Although I have a photo album, I don't have a picture showing the flight line tower in conjunction with the fire station. Although I have used Goggle maps, an overhead clearer picture showing the tower, fire station and runway is what I'm in need of. Need a picture to show the base perimeter as it would relate to where I worked. This the VA states would validate the drift zone of Agent Orange when used to spray the base perimeter. Finally do you happen to recall the F-111 Squadron and the Civil Engineering Squadron #'s? It was a long time ago, memory is not as sharp as it was. Thank you. Anyhow I know its a long shot. Great web site and pictures.

Air Force Vet: I was TDY from Homestead AFB, FL from Apr to Jul. I was with the 31st Combat Support Group. My AFSC was 64530/64550. I was an A1C at the time, low man on the totem pole, so it was volunteer time. Either I volunteered willingly or unwillingly, I still did it. Hahaha. After the third week of on and off of nights, I was put on nights until I left in Jul. There was a Tech Sgt, a Sgt and me on nights. Not only did I have to process the requests, but had to find it in the warehouse and then go with the driver to deliver it and get the paperwork signed. There are times when I miss riding in that little white Datsun truck on the access roads to the shops on the flight line. Well, gotta go for now. Stay in touch. If we don't take care of each other, who will. Certainly not the VA!

Terry A. Brandner: Bert, I just found your website and thought that I would add to it. By now I don't remember a lot of the bases as I am about 65 years old now. I was stationed in Da Nang, Vietnam in about March or May 1972, the went PCS to Takhli, Thailand until March or May 1973 (I do know that I was there for exactly 1 year to the day). I was in the 366th TFW (MMS) Gunfighters Squadron as a Munitions Maintenance Tech. I started out in the bomb buildup area, then spent the rest of my time in Line delivery, taking munitions out to the F-4's. then F 105 Thuds, and then F-111's. A lot of crazy times. I enjoyed traveling through and seeing Thailand (also Bangkok and Pattaya Beach). I see John Gresko sent one in May 2011, I probably worked with him at some point. Thanks for the website, I usually don't share.

I found an interesting story on the Takhli, Thailand message board on the F-111 crash in 1973. I was there, on the opposite end of the taxi way, by my self, and so I inserted this story of my own. When I came back, I have never mentioned much of anything that I did or went on, just stayed private, and with 3 marriages. I was tired of the haters and liars. But I did use this incident to file for PTSD, and was granted in just a couple of months, which I was grateful. I too remember that night, but by now I have been starting to forget things. I was in the 366th TFW in the bomb dump. My job was working as line delivery on the night shift. I had picked up 2 trailers of 500lb bomb from the line delivery trailer parking area and started out through the jungle to the flight line. I just pulled out onto the “Taxi Way” a little ways, towards the jet parking area, when I was watching an F-111 taking off. It got about 20 ft. (I think, by now) off the runway when it tilted up and the engines cut (I thought all these years that it had a flame out, until I just read the story). The F-111 came crashing down about center of the runways and the pilot and weapons officer got out. The Security Police had their special vehicle there and I believed scooped them up. I had jumped from my vehicle with the 2 trailers of bombs and jumped into the drainage ditch for cover and watch the show. The firetruck started in but the windshield blew in and they retreated. My radio was in the vehicle.

When there was a lull in the explosions and action I scrambled out of there in my vehicle with the 2 trailers back to the line deliver area. I contacted control and was told that all flights were cancelled for the rest of the morning. Scared the crap out of me, being by myself with 2 trailers of bombs, radio inside the vehicle, but came out unharmed. I was also worried about any critters in the drainage ditch with me and some flying debris, I was really close to the action. Nobody but Control knew that I was out there on that end of the runway, they kept calling me. I just recently put in and was approved for PTSD using this incident as was remarkable that I had the right date. It only took a couple of months from putting in for PTSD to seeing the
psychologist to being approved, even though PTSD had been in my records for years. So, if anyone needs to use this also to help out with their disabilities.

Reading the story in the bulletin board and the story by Jim Traywick helped. First time I have ever mentioned it. I don’t really talk much about what happened.

Terry A. Brandner 1972-1973 P.S. Thank you for your website, and what you are doing.

Sgt. Mark A Armitage: Hi Bert, Your name is a real blast from the past. Recently seen photos on your site that were posted by Ray Cadd. I was able to track him down thru Facebook. We just had about an hour phone conversation. Haven't seen or heard from him in 44 years. Ray & me were Hootch Mates in Hootch #1143, when we were on base. My name is Mark A Armitage, Ohio. I had come from Nellis with the 474th AGE Shop to Takhli assigned to the 366th. I arrived at Takhli early 8/72. Was the nite time Jammer man for the 366th from 8/72-11/72. After 11/1/72 MSGT William Smith selected me to stay on at Takhli with the 6280th for maintenance for the 150 light-all units that rimmed the base. That's when I met & became friends with Cadd. I know we hung out at one time or another. Ray sent me a photo & I remember you. I had been to his bungalow numerous times. Remember the Yak that was always under his bungalow. Anyway Bert thanks for the time you spend with all that You do. Ray was very pleased that we were able to hook up. I left Takhli in Feb/72 in a med evac plane. I never returned.

Ray Lance: I was with the F-111’s 72 - 73. I was a Bom/Nav troop. Your pictures bring back great memories. I loved the time I spent there. I was also with the F-111’s at Korat. My name is Ray Lance. Thanks for posting your pics. 

Hi, I was a with the 366TH Supply which became the6280TH from Aug 72 to Sep 74. Worked outside receiving for awhile then moved to storage & issue. From there the CES supply pt., then back to receiving. Base Closing got orders for Japan. Your pictures bring back times that will always be with those who were there. Joseph Munch

Great Memories....Thanks!!! I was there in 72 - 73 with the 474th F-111’s. I was a Bom/nav troop. I remember the TFR system was a pain in the --- to get it tuned in for the terrain and weather. Great pics brought back some wonderful memories. I remember a restaurant downtown that I believe was winni’s or something like that. It was in a compound area. A local girl I took out a couple of times took me there. Being from a small town in Texas, Takhli was a culture shock but I loved every minute of it. I still have a photo album that I got at the BX and it still has all of my photo memories of that year. Of all the places I saw during my AF career Takhli is still #1. Thanks again!!!!!!

My name is Berkley Williams. I was stationed there for one year. Made many trips to the Blue Sky Bar on the strip from 1969-1970 . I worked security (Cobra Flight) I lost all of my photos. But yours brought back many memories. Thank You!

I was assigned to the 401 tfw from England afb, Louisiana, and tidy to Takhli from dec 1964 to March 1965. I was in MMS, we had a total of one crew, four(4) f100 that flew from there and we helped cannon afb, nm recover their f100s from their initial rotation thru Clark ab, pi in the early months of 1965. It seems as if history has passed by the missions of England AFB at Takhli during its tdy rotations. Maybe the time was and still mission secret, but I hate that the 401st never got credit for any missions in and from Takhli. Happy flying, long live the Huns! Msgt. J.g. Cundiff

I was a Security Policeman at Takhli from Sept. 73 to Aug 74..........Assigned B Flight (Swings). I'm in contact with 2 others from B flight (Wayne Thompson and Ron Daniels) and 1 from A Flight (Days) Steve Perkins..........We lived in the Hooch area......Got there as a A1C and left as a Buck Sgt........I finished up my 20 and retired as a TSgt SP..........Still have fond memories of Takhli.......Nice to see your pictures.......We are on Takhli's Facebook page........I remember our Flight Chiefs as being MSgt Royal and TSgt Simon...........Have a duty roster for posting, a lot of pictures, and a lot of teakwood items....still use a Thailand Wallet today.....Brought home a dozen of them. Elephant Leather............Well, you take care..... Al Kral, USAF Ret.

The pictures posted on your site...WOW stationed there Sept 72 to 73 with 366th CES firefighter/rescue...f-4s to f-111s what a ride.. we where busy.. loved the town and the people...ate more meals downtown then on the yard.. do you remember the the restaurant on the small pond hidden behind town?? we must have crossed because I heard of the budha statue also from some guys on the yard.. anyway thanks for posting lost most of my pictures over time and moving. James Dudley

My name is David Sudduth, I was tdy to Takhli RTAFB in 66 early 67, the VA is denying me any compensation from herbicide exposure. I was in P O L, refueling aircraft, I remember it was said the temp was 140 in the shade, The VA finds no records showing when and for how long I was there. There is a Record from the USAF stating they knew I had boots on the ground at Takhli . I am looking for any help I can find. If this email address is still good I wish you the best and hope to hear from you.
Thanks  A1st class David D Sudduth   dsddth  at  mcloudteleco.com

Hello Bert, My name is Altus Menifee and I was a part of the 474th Tactical Fighter Wing (Deployed) equipped with F-111s arrived at Takhli on Temporary Duty from Nellis Air Force Base Nevada on 27 September 1972.through March 1973. All F-111As of the 474th carried the tail code NA. From Takhli, the 474th participated in Operation Linebacker II when the United States resumed the large scale bombing of North Vietnam.
I worked in Base supply ordering millions of parts to keep those F-4's & F-111's in the sky.Although i felt like we were getting our butts kicked on a daily basis.I used to walk over to the flight line and look at some of the returning phantoms.......Damn.....We worked 12-16 hour shifts -6 days per week.I notice you had photos taken from the Avionics Bldg.I worked in a small Bldg on the flight line " The front read " ZERO DEFFECTS" .Do you remember that building? Your photos of the hooches ,mamasan, downtown haha....I rented a $ 5 per month bungalo downtown from a papasan ,much like the one in your photos.I spent my time hanging with the wonderful Thai people. I usually traveled alone and got in too all sorts of adventure lol often found myself across the tracks......that's a whole chapter in itself.
Especially liked movie night downtown,enjoying those awesome karate flicks.... Classics.....and then catching a Kick boxing match,,,Crazy!!! I used to hang at the One & One Bar on the Strip.My nickname was Dang and I used to give a couple of 6-7 year olds a Baht for food,they called me Super-Baht .Never forget that...Too much fun....!!! Your photos bring back so many memories.Thanks for posting. Take Good Care,Altus altusmenifee @ gmail.com

Hi! This is Bob Smith in Tonganoxie, Kansas. About 20 miles west of Kansas City. I was at Takhli from Jul 73 to Jul 74 in the SPS Squadron. I was working law enforcement and then transferred to security. Since I went to a 81 mortar school prior to going to Thailand, they put me in alternate CSC. Great Job! Air conditioned, no heat, no humidity. I used to go to the Pink Restaurant with a Gerald Grieves all of the time. The owners invited me and Gerald to their daughters wedding. It was tremendous. I saw a photo of you at a bunker. Was that the Charlie 42 machine gun bunker? If I can find them I have a bunch of photos of Takhli. I will send them to you if you would like. I typed in Pink Restaurant Takhli, Thailand and your segment came up. I remember their was a SSgt Studdard that married a Thai girl and retired in Takhli. Wonder if he is still there, or even alive? Bob

I was in Takhli from Mar '73 to Mar '74 worked in the photo recon trailers behind the snack bar, just outside the gate onto the flightline's west side. Favorite bar, the F4, loved the "Black Hornets" band. I remember the breaded cutlets at The Pink restaurant, weekends at Takhli Gardens (pg 1, pic 25, was there maybe?), monkey ball soup, rat-on-a-stick, the enterprising Thai that opened a
pizza place in Takhli... looking thru your photos, enjoying the views and memories, appreciate that so many of us remember and kept some photos. Thanks for the memories Allan Erickson (E4, served 10/70 - 10/74)

I was part of Advon group that reopened Takhli in early 1972 so we could bring a group of fighters out of DaNang. We were the 49thTFW out of Holloman AFB, NM. Think they were either 366th Gunfighters or 499th. Eventually I think they ended up at Mountain Home, ID. It was a mess when we arrived but activated very quickly for Rolling Thunder ops. Seems like forever ago. Retired 1995. Thanks for the pics, they are good to show my children, all grown now. George Parker

I was there from May thru November of 1972 coming over with the 366 AMS from DaNang.  I was an Avionics Maintenance Officer and helped out some with the Drug and Alcohol Office. I truly loved Thailand and always wanted to return.  I met a Thai girl who worked in the HQ squadron, or wherever we went to get admin support and we became very good friends.  She wasn't a bar girl and my experiences with her and her family gave me a love for Thailand that I have never lost.  I am now married to a Thai women whose dad drove a truck for the AF at Udorn.  Small world......  We have a home in Hua Hin, 200km south of Bangkok, and run a small hotel as well.  I wish that I found find where Thasana went to after the base closed.  I wrote her for a couple of years, but time and distance took its toll.  I became a high school teacher and have taught for DoDDs for the past
33 years in Germany Perhaps I will make a blog of my adventures in Vietnam and Thailand also.  I have many pictures also.  Thanks
for sharing the pictures and if anyone knew my girl friend Thasana maybe you can drop me a like. Tom Richards  

Thanks for sharing these - they brought back many memories.  I was deployed there in 1968 with the F-111 Combat Lancer Team from Nellis AFB, NV. - Larry Dean

Dear Bert Marshall,  This is the daughter of a medic in the same Thai air force base that served from 1970-74. The reason why I am emailing you is because unfortunately my father has died and my family is appealing the supreme court ruling of agent orange, which we believe is the cause of his death. We have appealed nearly three time and denied. My father spontaneously had cancer in his bones, lungs and brain. Months after realizing what was wrong, we were told he only had a few months to live since the cancer had developed to stage 4 cancer, lethal. It was his words and stories that told us to go to the VA and do our research. Suddenly after five months he had died. We had already started to file paperwork to the VA before his death. My father's name is Reginald Braswell. He served at 6280 USAF hospital. Takhli RTAFB, Thailand. This is the department he was apart of, AFSC 90250. If you don't know him, but if you think you know someone who served along with him in any of those places or within the time period, please email me back. He was 54, when he died leaving two daughters ages 13 and 11. His now widowed wife, was 48. That was in 2006. I am his eldest daughter and wish very much to learn more about his time and service in Thailand. Please email me back.

I just saw your pictures on the internet......awesome......brought back a lot of memories. I was there from Sept. 73 to Aug. 74. Assigned to the 6280th SPS...air base defense Cops...lived in the Hooch area. I rode in that 706 armored vehicle...thanks for the memories.  Al Kral USAF Retired, TSgt 71-91

Hey Bert Thanks for sharing the pics of Takhli. I was there Jan 73 to Feb 74 assigned to the 366 USAF Disp which was re-designated as the 6280 USAF Hospital.. I ran the on base VD clinic and did the town patrols with the Thai Public Health.. Also worked a lot of the medcap visits to the surrounding area.. I have great memories of Takhli and am actually going back to Thailand next month for a couple of weeks. Thanks again for sharing. Don Forgie

Hi Bert. Saw your pictures and Man, do they bring back memories. When I saw that hooch, I asked myself...did I really sleep in there. How time flies. I was in the CBPO from Feb 74 until we closed the place. Thanks for the memories. Robert

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F-111A 67-0068 Assigned to 429th TFS.
Destroyed 22 December 1972 in South East Asia. Sixth CONSTANT GUARD V aircraft lost. (Ron VanDerWarker). Target in vicinity of Hanoi. Shot down after an assumed lucky shot to an engine gearbox. After a valiant escape and evasion lasting a few days, including a near rescue by a HH-53C (tail # 69-5788, call sign Jolly Green 73,under heavy ground fire, the crew CAPT Bill Wilson and Bob Sponeybarger become P.O.Ws. They were repatriated on 29 March 1973

F-111A 67-0066 Destroyed 16 October 1972 in South East Asia.
Deployed to RTAFB Takhli Thailand for CONSTANT GUARD V phase two, cell one 27 September 1972. Assigned to the 347th TFW tail code "HG" at Takhli.
On 16 October 1972, became the second CONSTANT GUARD V aircraft lost.
Callsign COACH 33 Crew CAPT James A. Hockridge and 1LT Allen U. Graham POW/MIA reference # 1939-0-01 / -02 Possibly hit by a SA-2 Guideline SAMs after being acquired by Fansong radars due to necessary climb to MSRH for Mk-84 LDGP delivery whilst attacking the Phuc Yen airfield.Reported as having been found dead in module by NVN.

F-111A 67-0072 The aircraft was delivered to the USAF on 14 March 1969. 67-0072 at Takhli image by Bert Marshall A 429th TFS Constant Guard V/Linebacker aircraft arrived in the first phase of the deployment. It crashed and was destroyed on 20 February 1973 at Takhli RTAFB, Thailand. The main landing gear pin failed during takeoff causing the aircraft to depart the end of the runway and burn. 24 bombs 'cooked off'. Some startled ground crew believed that the base was under ground attack from communist guerrillas. The crew egressed successfully.

F-111A 67-0074 Assigned to 429th TFS. - CONSTANT GUARD V aircraft.
67-0074 at Takhli image by Bert Marshall "67-074 was known as " Little orphan Annie " because it couldn't keep a crew chief for more then a week.. Every time someone got their name painted on the nose gear door as the crew chief, he would get orders to some other base, or get in trouble and get kicked out of the USAF... In one case, the new crew chief got killed in a car accident ... Nobody wanted that one as their own.."

F-111A 67-0078 First CONSTANT GUARD V aircraft loss. Crashed and destroyed 28 September 1972 in South East Asia. Callsign: RANGER 23
Crew Maj. William Clare "Bill" Coltman and 1LT Robert Arthur "Lefty" Brett Jr. Aircraft lost on the first night of F-111 operations , only hours after deploying to SEA. Target was in Route Pack 1.
Major Coltman was promoted twice to the rank of Colonel whilst listed as missing before being pronounced presumed killed in action.

F-111A 67-0092 Fourth Operational / Combat Loss in Operation CONSTANT GUARD V. The aircraft Crashed and was destroyed on November 21, 1972, post target, going "Feet Wet" into the Gulf of Tonkin, off the N. Vietnamese coast, Crew lost and never recovered.(as of Feb 2000) Callsign: BURGER 54...."RIP"...F-111 Memorial Combat Crew : Capt. Donald Dean Stafford and Capt Charles Joseph Cafferrelli Loss co-ordinates: 16 24 42N 107 51 55E

F-111A 67-0094 This 430th TFS, Constant Guard Aircraft arrived in the third phase of the deployment. Survived a mid-air collision with with 67-111 on 16 June 1973. Both aircraft were accomplishing radar bomb runs against the same target over 'plain de jars' in Cambodia. They were vectored together by airborne radar controllers. 67-0111 crashed. 67-0094 lost 4.5 feet of its wing and recovered to Uborn RTAFB, landing at 240 knots. (Korat RTAFB - Jeff & Doc Servo) 'Pathfinder' missions were where the F-111s radar was used to help A-7s and F-4s bomb in bad weather. Due to this accident the practice of having two F-111s doing the pathfinder mission was changed to a single ship by 7th AF, Saigon. On 14 May 1975, 67-0094, as part of the recovery of the captured U.S. merchant ship SS Mayaguez, dropped MK-84 LDGP (General Purpose Low Drag) bombs on Cambodian gunboats, sinking one.

F-111A 67-0098 This 430th TFS Constant Guard V/Linebacker arrived in the third phase of the deployment. 67-0098 was involved in a mid-air collision with F-111A 67-0071 on 17 February 1973. The collision occurred during a formation position change on a pathfinder bombing mission. 67-0098 recovered to Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base minus 4 1/2 feet of wing. They were repaired and returned to service. 67-0098's callsign was IGLOO 50.

F-111A 67-0099 Fifth CONSTANT GUARD V loss. Crashed and destroyed post target going 'feet wet' 18 December 1972 in South East Asia.
Callsign SNUB 40 (Jeff & Doc Servo) SNUG 40 Crew LTCOL Ronald J. Ward and MAJ James R. McElvain killed.F-111A 67-0111 This Constant Guard V/Linebacker aircraft replacement aircraft arrived in Southeast Asia on 8 May 1973. The seventh combat loss under the Constant Guard V/Linebacker deployment, it crashed and was destroyed in South East Asia (Cambodia) on June 16, 1973. The crash was a result of a mid-air collision with 67-0094 on 16 June 1973. Both aircraft were accomplishing radar bomb runs against the same target in Cambodia, and were vectored together by airborne radar controllers. The crew of 67-0111 ejected and were recovered. 67-0094 lost 4.5 feet of its wing, landing at Uborn RTAFB.


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