Eddie Gray Wetlands Center 02 14 2009 - Baytown, Texas - Sarah Graham - Biologist
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Robert M. Craig Exhibit Hall
The 9,000 square foot exhibit hall is home to many attractions, including the Wetlands Ecology Learning Trail, which is sponsored by ExxonMobil. On the trail, visitors begin by
examining a marine debris display which shows how long various objects take to biodegrade in salt water. A plastic bottle, for example, takes 450 years! Next, visitors can view
taxidermy exhibits featuring fresh water and salt water animals. Around the corner is the taxidermy exhibit called Animals of the Night. In this darkened display, visitors use a
flashlight to spot nocturnal creatures. Then, it’s on to the Nature Discovery Room, which is filled with hands-on activities, games and puzzles.
Source: City of Baytown

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